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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Reasonable Diet approach?

The Reasonable Diet is a top-down and bottom-up approach that addresses dieting from both an understanding (top-down) and action (bottom-up) approach.


Is the Reasonable Diet™ program right for me?

The methods of the Reasonable Diet best serve people who are smart and successful in most other areas of their life. When being overweight and out of shape feels like the last frontier -- the one area of your life that you have not been able to get a handle on -- the Reasonable Diet is the answer for you. Most successful Reasonable Dieters come from the I-know-what-to-do-I-just-don’t-do-it experience. In Reasonable Dieting, that’s not a bad thing. We put that experience to work.


What do you mean by top-down?

Understanding (top-down)

Addressing the emotional and spiritual components of diet through wisdom adapted from

  • spiritual teachings
  • philosophy, psychology
  • 12-step
  • mind-body study.

Have you ever read the work of the non-diet advocates?

They think that traditional diets miss the mark. They say: fill your emotional/ spiritual hole and the overeating will disappear.


That’s true us to a point. But what tools do you use to do that?


The Reasonable Diet gives you specially designed “top-down” tools that are intended to help you move through learning curves in your life in conjunction with weight loss.


But, even using the methods that are specifically designed to address dieting through top down – the question looms? When will I actually start losing weight using top-down methods? Will I have to wait for enlightenment or sainthood?


No! Not if you also use the bottom-up approach.


What specifically is the bottom-up approach?

How to plan, prepare, shop for, or order the food that you want to be eating in a calorie appropriate range. The specifics of how to burn more calories than you consume. The Reasonable Diet helps you pick a diet that is just right for your circumstances, personality, tastes and needs.


Why is bottom-up needed?

You could sit in a therapist office for years and discuss all of your deep issues, but if you are still overeating and being self-indulgent to the point where you are satisfying your short terms wants over your long term goals, you are not making the progress you could toward your weight loss or your therapeutic goals. (Especially if you leave your therapist office and head to the ice cream parlor.)


You need the structure of a “diet” to hold yourself accountable to, so that you can have honest conversations with yourself and others. You need solid information and diet specific motivation as well.


Why is top-down needed?

You don’t really need another explanation about yo-yo dieting or regaining weight you’ve already lost. Bottom-up diets get harder and more challenging the longer you are on them. The Reasonable Diet gets easier as you engage in self-discovery, get the results you want, and normalize your relationship with food.


You get to further your personal development journey


you get weight loss which

equals = peace of mind

When the top down and bottom up approach converge you can have that honest dialogue – you can normalize your relationship with food and deal with life on life’s terms.


That will lead to permanent weight loss.


What does the Reasonable Diet offer?

AIM -- Accountability, Information, and Motivation.


All of the programs of the Reasonable Diet Programs

are built around three of the Reasonable Diet's Four Pillars: Accountability, Information, and Motivation. You pick which program delivers the accountability, information and motivation in a format that works best for your needs.


What is the structure to the actual diet?


Structure is actually the fourth Pillar of our program. At the Reasonable Diet we don't tell you what structure to follow. That backfires. (Can you say rebellious?)


Instead of using an off-the-shelf diet, you are given the tools to adapt an off-the-shelf diet or devise your diet, or make up your own rules for “lifestyle change.”


You choose a structure that works for your

  1. unique personality,
  2. lifestyle -
  3. present circumstances.

And you learn to adapt that structure as your circumstances change.


This gives you the skills that you’ll need to carry you through the rest of your life without re-gaining the weight. This is the Reasonable Diet approach.


Wouldn’t it be easier just to follow a diet that tells me what to eat, at least for awhile?

Here at the Reasonable Diet we call those directed diets.

It’s okay to follow a directed diet. Most of directed diets use “counting” or “listing” type structures.


Counting: You can have anything to eat as long as you stay within a certain amount of calories, points, grams, etc.

Listing: A combination of a list of foods and rules. You can eat anything from this list, avoid all things on this list, only eat at this time, etc.

But, no one follows a single directed diet forever, nor should you. Your dietary needs and your motivation level will change as you experience life transitions.

Transitions? What transitions?
Let's just name a few …

… the big change from losing weight to learning to maintain your weight
… changes in schedule
… going on vacation
… coming home from vacation
… in your environment
… seasonal changes
… changes in your relationships
… changes in job situation
… changes in family obligation
… changes in your health
… aging
… becoming bored
… and more …

You’re with me, right? Really, even weekends are transitions.

It’s fine to follow a directed diet for awhile, but you have to learn to adjust it, so that you won’t abandon your practice in times of transition.


So even if you decide to follow a directed diet -- an off-the-shelf diet – you’ll find it invaluable to follow it using the tools of the Reasonable Diet so that you can handle these transitions. (Not to mention, that you’ll be getting all the great top-down tools that most directed diets don’t offer.)


What are the differences in the various Reasonable Diet Program offerings?

This page has current offerings.


A great place to start is with the self-directed program with on-line



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