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Groups beginning January 27, 2009. But you get two weeks free if you sign up in December. Your support will begin January 2, 2009.

Are you a man or woman who has achieved success in most areas of your life
-- but you still struggle with weight?


Do you find it hard to fit your own wellness / fitness/ diet plan
into your life?

Are you ready to end feeling the frustration that comes when you don't follow through on with your own best intentions?

Are you ready to lose weight with a reasonable and permanent solution?

Are you ready to get the
support, motivation,
and vital information
that you need to be finally free to
discover YOUR*
perfect diet/ lifestyle plan?


* This is not an off-the-shelf or "cookie cutter" diet. You get the motivation and skills needed to adjust your diet week by week, so that as your life and schedule changes your diet can easily change also.


Sure Success The Reasonable Diet™ Sure Success™ group is an integration of diet and life coaching, so that you can make the most of the success and satisfaction that you enjoy in some areas of your life and parlay that into success in all areas of your life.
*You’ll lose weight and you’ll find balance so that losing weight works with your overall plan ...
for health
and wellness,
dot financial,
dot relationships,
dot spiritual,
dot and career goals.


Are you ready to have total peace of mind with regard to your
diet, body, food and overall well being?

Are you ready to end the battle of the bulge once and for all?


The Sure Success group will teach, support and emphasize a

Top Down




Bottom Up



Top Down Understanding ... understanding the emotional, spiritual, AND psychological aspects of dieting and guiding you through these with (solutions, applications, exercises and practices) that clarify and solve dieting and life issues.
Bottom Up
Offering access to finding and implementing the right structure, accountability and solid diet and nutrition information that will work for your circumstances and lead to long term weight loss.

What is the benefit of the Sure Success group?


There are many!


Sandra has more than eleven years experience in gently cutting through excuses, helping dieters gain a new vision, and guiding them to a positive path -- even when circumstances are difficult. Dieters have a lot of “old tapes” and “limited vision” when it comes to assessing their diet and finding working solutions. Here is a chance to shake loose from the way it’s always been and embrace dieting in a whole new way.
arrow You’ll get traction and momentum -- no more spinning your wheels. Joining the Sure Success group is a commitment. It is a sign to yourself and to the Universe that you are taking your wellness plan seriously. That you are ready. This is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for success.

satisfaction guarenteed Every Reasonable Diet Program has a 100% money back guarantee.
  You have my word on it. signature

Vicki before
Vicki Auditore,
Dayton, OH
Vicki After
As a charter member of the Reasonable Diet support telegroup, I can really testify that Sandra's reasonable diet method works! I look forward to the calls each week and to re-committing to what I am willing to do to lose weight. It's like a personal diet plan. I've lost the weight gradually (and reasonably) this time, as a lifestyle change. I'm happy to report that with Sandra's motivational support, I have lost more than 60lbs – and this time I intend to KEEP it off.

What will I receive?


Project You see the details of Project YOU below. Project YOU is program material for Sure Success.


Participation in a weekly, professionally facilitated, confidential group.

This is where you get your weekly dose of accountability, information and motivation. This is where I help you find YOUR solution. This is where the cookie cutter ends. This is where I make sure there is no "falling through the cracks." No one leaves without a solution!

This is your chance to experience the huge relief and peace of mind that comes with the accomplishment of having integrity in your diet and exercise habits.

You’ll experience this victory as a peer in an exclusive group of successful women who have faced these same issues and are now are committed to solutions and success.

VALUE $960

Access and attention from Sandra Ahten, a nationally recognized professional motivation expert and diet and wellness coach with 11-years experience. Each group will be led personally by Sandra.

Through the weekly group meetings Sandra will come to know you and your unique situation. She’ll be there to guide you with her vast array of knowledge, and (perhaps even more importantly) her intuition and compassion. Sandra taps straight into the hearts and heads of dieters. She offers compassionate advice, solid
solutions and a lot of love and humor too.

PROJECT YOU Program Kit included with Sure Success

Project YOU™ binder
56 pages of Daily Success sheets
7 WRAP (Weekly, Review, Assess, Plan) sheets
Reasonable Diet 4 CD set “Six Minutes of Sanity, Seven Days per Week”(Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4).
The Calorie King – Whether you are calorie-counting or not, everyone needs an ongoing calorie education. This is by far the most portable, easy to use guide on the market.
Reasonable Diet CD -- Intentions for a Reasonable Diet/Reasonable Life -- 30 Minutes of soothing affirmations to help you relax into peaceful feelings about dieting, food, your body and your life.

dotted line
+ Program Kit mailed to you -- (see details above) Value $250
+ Each week you will get a Project YOU™ instructional/motivational audio recording. This is a recording of me working with a group of Reasonable Dieters; dieters who are in the same phase of the process that you are currently in. NOTE: This is as easy as pressing a play button. Value $160
+ You’ll have access to a plethora of Life Coaching and Diet Coaching Bonus MP3s. I’m constantly adding to the collection. You’ll hear recordings on The Law of Attraction, Calorie Counting, Affirmations, Mindful Eating, and Living with Intentions and Integrity and more (Value
$550 and growing)
+ Project YOU™ Instruction and Action Sheets. You’ll have access to written instructions and printable action sheets pertaining to each week’s current topic and lesson. Value $150

Member-only Resource Site. Top-Down and Bottom-Up -- Printable Motivational Articles, Tip Booklets, and Resource Guides. There are already more than thirty resources included and again, I’m adding to the collection regularly.

Bottom-up resources include titles such as Roasting Vegetables 101, Managing Your Kitchen, and Spaghetti Squash 101, Easy Eating Out (and more, more, more!)

Top Down resources included topics such as: Dieting by Personality Type and Intentional Living/ Intention Eating, Six Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss and more, more, more. (Value $300 and growing)

Value $300 and growing
+ A Walk Through the Passion Test
I’m a trained Passion Test™  Facilitator. I receive fees of $400+ to take individuals through the process. You’ll get a special walk through the Passion Test that is customized to weight loss and wellness planning. You will love this!
Value $400
+ Reasonable Byte - A daily message by email covering all aspect of Accountability, Motivation, Structure, & Information. Some will have links to in-depth articles and valuable resources. Others will be short and sweet, to give you a quick boost of encouragement or a priceless tidbit of advice. Value $150
+ Reasonable Diet Member Only Forum. Here you’ll have web access to other Project YOU Reasonable Dieters across the globe. You’ll be able to log in on your computer and get an extra dose of accountability, advice, information and motivation. Share encouragement, ideas, recipesand more. Don’t worry if you’ve never used a website forum before… every instruction in Project YOU is made crystal clear so that even complete novices can use every tool with ease.  Value $250

Ask the Coach – I log onto the Member Forum several times a week and give personal advice, ideas, diet tips and encouragement or answers your program questions.

When I conceived of, formulated, wrote and now have finally published the Project YOU Program, I put my heart and soul into it. I tried to seriously pack ten years of coaching into this eight-week program, so that I could be more free with my time for those who wanted the more intense Sure Success or VIP attention. But it turns out, that I can’t stay away from the Member Forum.  My clients are constantly telling me that I have a gift for being able to zero right into the heart of their dilemmas and get them instantly pointed in the right direction. I love being able to offer this service to ALL of my clients and so I added the Ask The Coach area to the Member Forum.

Value: Priceless! Clients share with me that just one suggestion from me has made the difference between years of struggle and ease with weight release.) (Okay, $250 : )
  That’s right. Each of these components when added up separately is an outstanding value of $2460 dollars. Project YOU
Value $2460

However you are going to get all of this for less than $2000. Much less.

It is not even going to cost you $1000 or $500!

Your price for this exclusive coaching
is only $220 per month.

(Just choose package two below)

How much would therapy or counseling cost?
How much would surgery cost?

How much would program after program... after program... after program cost?

This is a life time solution.

What would you pay for integrity?
For peace of mind? For permanent weight loss?

Package Two
Get started with Project YOU today

AND ...
... Guarantee your success by getting the unparralled support and accountability of the
Sure Success groups
which begin on
January 27, 2009

I choose Package Two
(Sure Success -- which includes Project YOU)




Pay with a credit card
$220 x 2 – one payment now
and one payment in 30 days

Mail a check for $440.00
(Reasonable Diet, mail address: 801 E Washinton St. Urbana IL 61801).
You must click here to register, even though you are mailing a check.

Here is a schedule of the groups
In-Office (44 E. Main, Champaign IL)

Jan 20 -
Mar 10

10:30 AM
Jan 20 -
Mar 10

5:30 PM


Mon Jan. 19 to
Mar 9

6 pm (Pac)
7 pm (Mtn)
8 pm (Cntrl)
9 pm (Estrn)

Tues Jan. 19 to
Mar 9
10 am (Pac)
11 am (Mtn)
12 pm (Cntrl)
1 pm (Estrn)
Tues Jan 20
Mar 10

5 pm (Pac)
6 pm (Mtn)
7 pm (Cntrl)
8 pm (Estrn)



Remember, if you sign up in December 2008 your classes start
as early as Jan. 2 for no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in Project YOU without being part of the Sure Success groups?

Yes. That may be just right for you. In addition to the printable resources and audio recordings, Project YOU does provide member-to-member contact and contact with Sandra at the website. But remember that Sure Success is the program for you if you want to be professionally coached with individual attention from Sandra for eight consecutive weeks with a 100% money back guarantee.

Can I participate in Sure Success groups without Project YOU?

Project YOU is the program material for Sure Success. Project You is the eight weeks of printable resources and audio recordings that provides the material for the topic that we’ll be discussing, studying and practicing every week in the Sure Success groups. While you’ll be getting unparalleled coaching in the Sure Success group, you’ll need/want all of the resources of Project YOU to support that program. So – you need to get Package Two that is for both Project YOU and Sure Success.

Should I wait to join until closer to the Sure Success start date?

Sure Success groups are offered a limited number of times per year, they tend to fill up quickly. (Especially September and January). So enroll early so you can register for the meeting time of your choice.

What if I have to miss some of the Sure Success groups?

You’ll be able to attend another meeting in-office or on the phone if you are available at another time that week. OR you’ll have the Project YOU resources to listen to a recording that covers the material and get support on the Members Forum.


What if I want support after the eight weeks Sure Success Program is over ?

Great news! You'll be able to join the Graduate Program and continue your supportive weekly meetings for only $47 per month. (This price is only for Sure Success Graduates.)


Is your credit card processing secure ?


secure Yes. Transactions are processed with the highest security standards.


Ready to go? Great. Here are your three easy payment options for Sure Success.


Package Two

Remember this includes both Project You and the Sure Success Groups
(in- office or telegroup) And Include a Satisfaction Guarantee.




Pay with a credit card
$220 x 2 – one payment now
and one payment in 30 days

Mail a check for $440.00
(Reasonable Diet, mail address: 801 E Washinton St. Urbana IL 61801).
You must click here to register, even though you are mailing a check.


The Sure Success groups begins January 27.
Enroll today, to ensure that you have a spot in the meeting time of your choice.

Membership is limited to the first 15 per group.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve peace of mind with regard to your diet, your body and your overall well being.



Sandra Ahten



p.s. Schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call right now, if you are still unsure about which option to choose or would like to consider VIP (one-on-one individual coaching) with Sandra.

Call 217-367-6345 or email

p.p.s. Do you have a coupon code? Be sure and enter it on the shopping cart page after you click on your choice of programs below.





Purchase Sure Success (package two which includes Project YOU) -
Two Payments of $220




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